Destination wedding you say?



It has been a while since I wrote anything, not for lack of ideas but because of change: career, personal circumstances and, as I type this, I think of how I should not make excuses! I am a strong believer that ‘not enough time’ should never be an excuse. We always prioritize things that are important to us and my writing has been somewhat relegated as of recent.

This is a quick post – more an information one. My SO and I got married, many many moons ago on the beautiful white-sanded beaches of Varca Goa, India. The wedding began as the sun set…creating these intense hues of fire. It was magnificent.

Other than the picturesque advantage of a beach wedding (selfie opportunities were vast!), it was an incredible experience for a number of reasons. Not all list worthy, but those important to me:

1. We were able to enjoy the day without the stress. When I say without stress, I was ANXIETY FREE! I always tell people our biggest decision was whether my SO would come in on a horse or an elephant (we decided on an elegant white stallion fit for a king)
2. Our parents had a remarkable spiritual experience (cherry on top of an already phenomenal experience)
3. We had an immediate honeymoon afterwards (more like familymoon!)
4. It was unusual and the smaller list of attendees made it more memorable

I am often asked for details on how we planned the wedding, so here it is:

Venue: Ramada Goa
It’s a gorgeous family resort located in the quieter side of Goa. Goa is a popular tourist spot so give a thought to the location. We were still swarmed with tourists during the wedding rituals but hey, we embraced it and pretended we were famous.
After the wedding, we were able to walk down to a beach hut with friends and enjoy the after ceremony festivities.

Photographer: Bodhi Vision Photography
We were lucky to have our very talented friend capture our day. I cannot recommend this gifted woman enough. Her work however speaks for itself, and since I am pimping out our wedding day, here is a link to some of our photo’s:

Wedding planner: /
They did everything, I said no anxiety right? They helped plan our flights, hotels and the wedding down to the nth degree. We asked for umbrellas last minute as it was hot and our guests had little shelter. The next day – we had these gorgeous bold coloured Indian umbrellas all the way from Jaipur.

There are some additional things to consider:
• The weather (make sure it isn’t over a rainy period)
• Makeup artist – you may not have a trial beforehand, so trust is important

People usually ask me why – why didn’t we have a wedding back home? I had always wanted the intimacy of a smaller wedding and I craved something different. I had travelled to Goa 2 years before and it was the only time I could picture my wedding. I had never dreamt of a big flashy wedding and Goa or rather, India felt right.

In one of my favorite books, Shantaram (which strangely, I read on a train from Delhi to Haridwar) Gregory David Robert writes: “Any Indian man will tell you that although love might not have invented in India, it was certainly perfected there”. India is love…it is joy…it is glorious in its colourful spirit… it is an absolute assault on your senses. Nothing will prepare you for its spiritual magnificence.



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